Kizingo Lamu


Inspired, created, owned and run by the van Aardt family, Kizingo is 8 beach-front bandas on Lamu, off the Kenyan coast. Built from local materials – mangrove, mkuti and mkeka – by local islanders, each banda is as extravagantly large as it is simple, beautiful and natural.

Kizingo is a beach and coastal wilderness. Nature, completely untouched, has been left to her own devices. You’ll share the beach with native birds, driftwood and scuttling crabs. There you’ll find a true sense of the infinity of time; and the timelessness of an old Africa

As one guest put it, life at Kizingo is “dangerously relaxed”. You’ll eat deliciously fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and home-made bread. You’ll gather in the early evening for drinks around the bar.It’s the perfect site for relaxing and cherish peacefully moments.

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