Kilimanjaro Nature Tours

Kilimanjaro Naturetours

Kilimanjaro Nature Tours is a brand East African, Travel Agency and Tour Operator Tanzania-East Africa. Our company is located in Arusha, the tourist city of the country. Kilimanjaro Nature Tours feels proud to provide superior service to all our customers, and we manage all services necessary to operate and organize all the packages offered, cars, minibuses, equipment, office-qualified staff, specialized assistants and guides professionals.

At the heart of our offerings are our customized, guided ascents of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding peak in Africa, and one of the great treasures of the continent. We believe that almost anyone in good health can experience Kilimanjaro–if you can hike in the hills at home for a day and still be ready to hike again the next morning, you are likely fit enough for the ascent.

We organize treks up all six of the mountain’s accessible climbing routes, and have one of the highest success rates in Tanzania for helping our clients reach the summit (95% to 98%), due to our belief in several key principles:

Respecting the mountain and the altitude. Acclimatization is key.
Appropriate pacing. We preach the idea of pole, pole (going slowly).
Proper eating and hydration on the mountain. Eating well and drinking lots of water are essential.
Highly-trained, personal guide support. Expert guides can help ensure you reach your goals safely.
We look forward to hearing from you, and discussing a customized trip that fits your interests and abilities.

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