Elements Lounge and Bar

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Welcome to Elements lounge and Bar Masaki, or Element Lounge Oysterbay Dar.

Enjoying a great music with friends represents Dar es Salaam at its best. Elements can be your place for hanging out with friends and make new friends while sharing a drink. Light, bright, fresh, and consistent, Elements is everything you don’t expect during the temperamental season.

This restaurant lounge curiously blends fine dining with relaxed comfort. Open at 6 PM, Elements is where early birds can retreat after work for a casual, well-deserved drink and where sophisticated palates can indulge in a succulent meal at dinner.

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  1. Horrible

    Good day, I am officially filing a complaint on assault by a bodyguard who works at Elements. I was slapped at the entrance by Marwa in PUBLIC, humiliated and chased out, there are plenty of witnesses and when I tried to go back in to report to the manager the guards chased me out. I have informed the police, i will get an RB to have him arrested and I am also suing Elements for inappropriate treatment, abuse and mistreatment.
    I am a customer & i was there with colleagues there is no reason your worker should lay hands on me. I have tried contacting Mackenzie and sent him messages but he has still not responded, he is aware of the issue. I am ready to follow every legal procedure inorder to have justice for what happened on the 31st/01/2020. I am trying to call Mackenzie and he is not responding or picking my calls, his response is rude he asked me to do whatever I can and if i want to call the police I should go ahead, he is not involved. I have evidence on this.

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