Addis in Cape

Ethiopian Restaurant

Ethiopian cuisine is famous for its rich aromas and generous use of herbs and spices. The country was historically situated on trading routes that included the trade of many exotic spices; this history has had a tremendous influence on the taste of Ethiopian food as we know it. Today most of the herbs and spices are blended and prepared in the home with great love and attention, as are those used in Addis in Cape. The dishes that you taste here are unique to Ethiopia and we are proud as a restaurant to share them with you.

Our talented Ethiopian and Local chefs offer a wide range of non-vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

At Addis in Cape, your food is presented in a beautifully woven basket-like table called a Mesob. The dishes are served together on a large plate which is layered with a pancake-like sourdough base called Injera.  Without utensils your hands and Injera are used to scoop the various flavorful stews and sauces.

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Mon - Sat: 12–10:30PM Sun: Closed
Mon - Sat: 12–10:30PM Sun: Closed