Club Africando

From Master Chef Fred Uisso

Welcome to Club Afrikando a famous and most loved eating spot competing with all stars restaurants in the city.

Club Afrikando is hidden somewhere in Mwananyamala, the place is known for tasty foods ranging from Mexican dishes, Cajun, Creole, Oriental, Italian, French, Continental as well as African dishes. All our dishes have an added value from its origin. We have 2 famous signature dishes that you can’t find anywhere in the world. One is our fries “AFRIKANDO CHIPS” and another is a chicken soup know as “AFRIKANDO CHUNGU” (Afrikando tradition pot) See our menus in our instagram account “clubafrikando”. Another thing I am proud of is the way I created my own cooks for Afrikando business.

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  1. Very tasty and delicious food

    The food at club afrikando has an extraordinary and very unique taste at a very affordable price compared to many other places, good customer care too.

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