Baytil Ajaib Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel

Baytil Ajaib, the house of wonder, is the finest example of non-static architectural designing. All too often is the Swahili culture referred to as something o f the past and none evolving. This is a myth that needs to be brought into its property perspective.A principle example of this evolutionary culture is the murals and plaster mixtures of lime, alabaster and marble dust finishing’s on the walls which blends so wonderfully with traditional local Swahili furniture, Asian artifacts, carpets from Afghanistan and even Art Deco.It is the blending of the antiquated, various artifacts that provides for a sophisticated interior living that led to Lamu becoming a World Heritage in 2003. It is this living experience that Baytil Ajaib was conceived.

Residing at Baytil Ajaib offers our clients an experience into a pass life style that continues to evolve and blends well into today’s hectic realms by offering an intimate atmosphere, seclusion, spaciousness, languishing on Asian devon and for those who can be touched by the spiritual inner peace that prevails, enjoy a sense of well being and harmony.

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