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Locally owned and operated by Kenyans, African Landmark Safaris is a safari and travel company. They are fully registered with the Kenya Registrar of Societies (Registration number BN/2012166558), and the Kenyan government’s Ministry of Tourism has issued them a legitimate tour operator license (MTL/3/2215-MR NO.8710142). Nairobi serves as the principal administrative and operational headquarters. You’ll have the chance to research a wide range of routes and vacation times using our featured travel packages. This vacation option is accessible to all people, regardless of age, amount of thrill-seeking tendency, or level of financial restraint, making it an inclusive and all-inclusive alternative.

Using our extensive knowledge, in-depth acquaintance with the surrounding area, and dependable service, we are more than happy to modify your personalized trip in accordance with your specific specifications and locations of interest. The overall quality of your safari experience will be greatly enhanced by the fact that this type of holiday is not like the standard pre-packaged offers and predetermined itineraries. From the time you first get in touch with African Landmark until the day you leave on your vacation, the experts in safaris and reservations who work there are ready to help. The tour manager will efficiently and expertly lead you through the events scheduled for each day after you’ve chosen which trip to go on. You won’t have to worry about making reservations because a group of seasoned experts will handle them, and you’ll have access to a wide selection of vacation options, so your options for activities won’t be constrained.

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