La Boheme


We are a small but passionate team of people with a love for great things. In particular, great food, great wine, great company and great times. We believe life is all about experiences, the kind that leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach. With this in mind, we selected our favourite ingredients, threw them together, mixed them all about and voilà – our own delicious and hearty experience was created. We knew it had to be shared, so without ado we put it in a cosy yet simple casing, somewhere easy for all to find. All that remained was to conjure up a suitable title. A name to encompass this experience of all we hold firm and true. We’ve called it La Boheme…

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Operating Hours Mon - Sat: 12:30–10PM Sunday: Closed
Operating Hours Mon - Sat: 12:30–10PM Sunday: Closed