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Q: What happen when I list a place as  an individual lister ?

A: We allow individual to contribute data on by listing places they’ve been visiting or places they know. But only real and valid information contributed will be published.  As well as you could be a owner of that place which will be easier and we will verify that place for you but only after providing valid information about your place.

And this could be Hotel, Bar, Lounge or any business that fits our categories, too see more go to AddListing

Q: What Benefits are the for me listing  a Place ? Mine or not Mine ?

A: Listing a Place on will give you access to many events of that are to comes and we will consider certifying you as data contributor and you will gain any upcoming awards or rewards from

And if you’re a business or place owner you will gain new visitors and this will be a platform to make you business or place shine.

Q: Are there any charges for listing places?

A: We suppose to charge, but we are charging nothing for now, all places listed have been listed for free, so feel free to list as you wish.

Q: Where is from?

A: is a Tanzanian platform that founded by Tanzanian.You can read more about us to know more.